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‘In wine there is truth (in vino veritas)’ Pliny the Elder



Hobart Wine Touring

Excellence in Tasmanian & Hobart Local Wine - Beverage - Cheese Tours: Terroir Wine Tours Tasmania is one of the leading Tasmanian specialists in Tasmanian Wine Tourism & Wine - Beverage - Gourmet cheese single day wine & beverage tours, private customised wine experiences & tours as well as luxury VIP or behind the scenes Tasmanian producer access indulgences within the wine & beverage industry. Whether the request is for options or ideas in the budget or luxury spectrum; we are here to assist & exceed your expectations with our quality professionalism & unique Tasmanian knowldge of the vineyards & the producers.

We love to help organise, create & assist people from Australia as well as Internationally. Whether you class yourself as a Wine Connoisseur or more of a Wine Adventurer; we are here to help you to have a fantastic, quality wine day tour experience while touring Tasmania outbound from Hobart.

The Terroir Wine Tours Tasmania team is comprised of multiple dynamics & unique service histories, with more than 20+ years of experience in the hospitality, tour & travel as well as the coach industry here in Tasmania & other parts of Australia.

Tasmanian & Hobart Services & Specialties: Local Expertise & Experience in Wine Day Tour Options

  • Small Group Single Wine & Beverage Day Tours around Hobart Wine Regions & Areas

  • Large Luxury Best of Class Coaches Available

  • Local Hobart Expertise & Experience in Wine | Beverage | Food & Other Gourmet Experiences & Day Tours

  • Tasmanian Wine | Beverage | Food & Other Gourmet Experiences & Day Tours

  • Private & Small Group Customised Single Day Tours

  • Private Small Group Personalised & Unique Wine or Beverage Experiences

  • Small & Large Corporate | Conference Transport & Tours for Wine or Beverage Related Tours or Experiences

  • Special Tasmanian Event or Large Group Ideas & Creations

  • Standard Affordable Wine & Food Afternoon Day Tours from $149.00per person

Lead by Internationally Awarded Local Tasmanian Sommelier Damien Byrne, we have a dedicated commitment to providing you with a fantastic Tasmanian experience in Hobart or Statewide that helps express our terroir & uniqueness through the lens of our wine & beverages.  

With the unique composition of being able to assist & transport up to 200+ guests for conferences or large group day tours & experiences, as well as working with bespoke private & standard day tours up to 12 people, we are able to provide ideas at all levels & budget requirements.

To Book: Online Below | Call +61 0497 603 333 | Email: damien@damienbyrne.wine

Book Now! Standard Tasmanian Wine & Beverage Day Tours Prices From $149.00pp

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Standard Hobart Wine & Cheese Day Tours: Small Group Single Day Wine & Beverage Tours

We offer single day tours to local wine regions like the Coal River Valley, Derwent Valley & Huon Valley over afternoon timeframes currently. These tour experiences operate from 1pm – 6pm.  They are a perfect way to experience some of the fantastic Tasmanian Wine & Cheese producers that we have here around Hobart.

We visit locations as diverse as avant garde cellar doors, 1820’s sandstone houses & trophy winning producers. These locations sit amongst the vineyards, on hills or brood above our local rivers. We taste Tasmanian wines from Sparklings, Rieslings & Chardonnays to Pinot Noirs, Shirazs & Merlots. Plus others!!

Operating Days: Thursday | Saturday | Sunday | Every Week

Timeframe: 1pm – 6pm

Price per Person: $149.00pp (Book Online Here)

Food on Tour: Tasmanian Cheeses or Antipasto Platters on all tours

Capacity: 12 people only

Private Booking Available: Yes – please contact us directly for a price

Book Now! Standard Tasmanian Wine & Beverage Day Tours Prices From $149.00pp

Standard Hobart Day Tours Ethos - Small Group Day Wine & Beverage Tours: Our Hobart Standard Wine Day Tours are premium but also affordable & great value for money. They are small group single seat day tours up to 12 people only. They are perfect for individuals or couples wanting that more affordable experience that still lets them see all the great Tasmanian Best Known or Iconic Wine Producers they have heard about. We love to get out & about with our guests visiting some local wine & beverage day producers.

Wine & Beverage Tour Timeframes Available: Our standard shore excursions operate from 1pm - 6pm

Luxury Coach Travel on all Wine Tours: All of our standard wine day tours utilize the best from our luxury coach transport fleet. We have some of the best luxury coaches travelling Tasmanian roads, with cloth curtains, reclined leather seats & individual air-conditioning units. With 25 years of coach travel & transport experience under our belt, we have the Tasmanian Local Wine Knowledge & the Tasmanian Passion which helps us to showcase the tidbits & local stories that only the locals know about.


Our Hobart / Tasmanian Wine - Beverage - Gourmet Food Day Tour Sizes & Options Available

Private Wine & Beverage Day Tours: Private Wine & Beverage Day Tours allow you to experience the best of what you want to see in the Tasmanian wine & beverage landscape. They allow you to travel with just your party from 2/4pp & up to 20 people if required. We have a wide range of options available to customise your entire experience. We look forward helping you make your memories.

Please fill out a quote request to get a competitive quote below for a fantastic Tasmanian Wine Day Tour.

Standard Small Group Wine & Beverage Day Tours: Small Group Wine & Beverage Day tours are fantastic for the avid wine connoisseur. They have a high focus on personalised service, with the size of the tours ranging from 2 people to 20 people. They are designed by locals with high class expertise for the best experience for inbound travellers. We pride ourselves on our superior service quality, our professionally trained guides & our luxury touring coaches. They start from $149.00pp upwards.

To Book A Hobart Wine Day Tour: Online Below | Call +61 0497 603 333 | Email: damien@damienbyrne.wine

Our Pre or Post Wine - Beverage - Gourmet Corporate | Business | Conference Tours & Event Management

Coming to Tasmania with a corporate / business group or for a conference but needing something to do before or after the event has happened. Hobart is a perfect city for pre or post wine - beverage - food touring with many of the vineyards, gourmet food producers & distillers little more than a 20 minute drive from the city.

Why not experience a fantastic Hobart Wine - Beverage - Gourmet Food Day Tour that will showcase the natural beauty & pristine environment of the state to you. With internationally awarded wines, whisky, cheese, gins & other tasmanian or hobart products available to be sampled, you are in for a treat of the senses.

With so much to see & do, why not let Our Team assist you in making a fantastic large group experience or event up to 50 people or (200+ people max) or small luxury touring indulgence available to your guests privately or as a public booking. We have more than 20+ years of experience in the hospitality, tour & travel + the coach industry here in Tasmania & other parts of Australia.

We can transport or transfer both small up to 20 people or large group numbers (200+) of guests around Hobart or further if required.

Our services include:

  • Luxury large coach or small premium vehicle transport

  • 200+ person transport for wine day tours or experiences around Hobart

  • Create or customise a bespoke - private experience at local: vineyards, wineries, distilleries or heritage houses

  • Small group tour hire with professional guide for Hobart conference pre or post programs

  • Small group unique experiences: Lunch or Behind the Scenes Access

  • Professional Guided Wine Tasting with an Internationally Awarded Sommelier in Hobart

  • Providing detailed local recommendations & expertise on times, ideas & transport issues

We specialise in blending our unique Tasmanian Attractions & Destinations with our Tasmanian wine - beverage - gourmet food terroir for you to enjoy. Why not ask us about what we currently have available at the moment for you to enjoy.

Full Day Hobart Sightseeing Tours & Experiences

Hobart: Sunday

Full day 9:00am - 4/5:30pm returns

1. Mt Wellington, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, Richmond Village, Wine & Cheese Tasting - $129.00pp

Hobart Hotel Pickup Included

Our Fantastic Inclusions & Hobart Wine Day Tour Additions: What We Guarantee & Strive for in 100% Guest Satisfaction

Local Travel Expertise & Excellence: Having the opportunity to use the local expertise & experience of a Tasmanian Wine Tourism Day Tour Operator is something that is very beneficial to many of our guests when they choose to book an experience with us. With our company directors having been involved in the service industry for the last 20+ years, we understand that nothing says personal like a quick chat over the phone, or a follow up call to that email question you had.

That’s why we have a full travel & tour department ready to answer any question or query that you may have to any of the myriad & complex issues that might arise when travel internationally or even within Australia. If you have questions around: We like to chat; in fact we love it. We love to have the satisfaction of that personalised experience with our guests helping them make their Tasmanian Wine or Beverage Memories & Experiences.

Complimentary Hobart Hotel Pickup Included: Please choose from the selection of Hobart Hotels or Accommodation on the booking for (pick up location list) when making a reservation. We will pick you up from you hotel 10 / 15 mins before the tour time starts.

Luxury Coach Travel & Tour Options: With our luxury coach fleet comprising high class 12 – 20 people seat Mercedes-Benz & other premium badges, we are the leaders in providing the best in large standard single seat wine day tour quality coach transport & safety on Tasmanian roads. Many of our larger 50 people seat coaches have been hand built to our exacting specifications, with this enabling to be at the forefront of the Tasmanian Wine Tourism Day Tour industry when it comes to luxury touring in comfort & safety.  

Our luxury coaches have outstanding amenities like large & spacious feet areas, cloth curtains, large overhead storage areas, cloth or leather high backed reclining seats, armrests that can be raised or lowered on demand & of course seatbelts for your safety. With individual air-conditioning outlets above each seat & wide panoramic window, you have a fantastic setting from which to experience the Tasmanian Scenic Wine or Beverage Beauty as you travel in comfort between the excursion destinations.

Luxury Private Touring Travel & Transport Options: All of our private cruise ship day tours get the very best in luxury Coupe or SUV transportation. With our Tasmanian transport partners, we can offer quality premium badges like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Mustang or Audi. (Different quote ranges for all vehicles).

All of our Tasmanian or Hobart private day tours shore excursions from 2 – 4 people get one of these luxury vehicles included in their day tour experience. Upwards from 5 people, we utilise one of our smaller luxury coach vehicles that has been designed with small group touring in mind. When the quality has to be the best money can buy, the luxury of the transport has to be premium & we strive to provide that for you.

Our Tasmanian Destination Expert Guides & Professionally Trained Coach Drivers: One of the most exciting parts about a Hobart wine day tour is the commentary that your guide is able to regale you with while you are touring & experiencing these fantastic destinations. Our tour guides are all Tasmanian locals with multiple interesting stories & fascinating little titbits of information that really help to make a Hobart Wine Tour a worthwhile experience that they have gained over their life living in Tasmania.

We know from personal experience that some of the most embarrassing & over valued parts of a wine tour is the tour guide. That’s why our guides are all professionally trained, have passed our own strict service & customer satisfaction requirements. All our wine tours have a tour guide attached to them, however the coach driver sometimes may be acting in the capacity of the tour guide as well. Because we want to provide you with the best Tasmanian Wine & Beverage Tours that you can find, as well feel that the tour guide is a major part of this.

Also, we find them practicing them in the bathroom each morning before the tour - seriously


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary


Richmond Village