Tasmanian Wine Tours
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Tasmanian Weather & Appropriate Clothing

  • The weather in Tasmanian can swing dramatically over the course of the day, so don’t be alarmed if you see 4 seasons in a day. It’s part of the adventure.

  • All tour guests are advised to bring a warm jacket or coat of some kind as a precaution against the weather turning against us. We will have several jackets we us, but please take the time to organise your own.

  • All tour guests are advised that the tours go inside working wineries & distilleries and as such are subject to stringent health and safety regulations. Please have closed toe footwear or the closest thing, or you may not be able to participate in some aspects of the tour due to safety hazards.

Shipping Your Wine

  • Yes, it would be our pleasure to ship your purchased wine for you at the end of the tour, or the next business day. We use two reputable shippers in Fastway, and we offer a premium shipping service with Get Freighted that can ship to selected international markets or take care of high value products.

  • We will get your contact details from you on the tour for the address we need to send to.

  • We will process the shipping costs on the day with you.

Wine & Food Allergies

  • While we will take every possible precaution to ensure that you don’t come into contact with a potentially harmful substance that you are allergic to or will have an adverse reaction to, we can take no responsibility for any injury or allergic reaction incurred on one of our tours, as it remains the guest/s (your) responsibility to monitor and choose which products that they/you/family members partake of or taste. This covers both wine & food consumed on all our tours.

Other Questions

  • Social Media: TWTT will be taking photos and uploading them throughout the day as we progress through the tour. Please advise us if you would like to not be in these photos.

  • More Info: TTWT can send more information to your nominated email if you request it, on things like producer tasting notes, where to find that wine in your home state etc, or drinking windows or other possible food and wine matches.

  • Lost Property: TWTT cannot accept responsibility for anything lost on the tour.  If you would like to leave personal items on the bus, feel free to do so as it is lockable.

Departure Point & Times

  • All tours depart from Brooke Street Pier, Hobart (12 Franklin Wharf, Hobart TAS 7000). This is regardless of if you have been picked up from your accommodation already. The departing times are 9:00am for the Morning Tour and 1:00pm for the Afternoon Tours. Please leave enough time to make your way so that we can depart on time.

Purchasing Tours & Confirmation

  • The tours can be purchased through the website directly from the Tour Day Page. Please contact us directly if there is a need to organize another payment method.  The tour is not confirmed until the full payment for the tour has been processed.


Terms & Conditions

See Below

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RSA Policy & Behaviour

TWTT is dedicated to providing responsible service of alcohol to our guests. We do not condone excessive or binge drinking in anyway.

At TWTT, we have a zero policy to lewd, drunken or inappropriate behaviour while on one of our tours. Any guest that is deemed to be intoxicated before the start of the tour will not be allowed entry to the tour vehicle and will forfeit the tour.

While on the tour, the authority of the tour guide / bus driver will be adhered to, and should the guide / bus driver feel in any way that you are acting inappropriately or acting in a manner which will impact the enjoyment of the other guests while on the tour, that said person will be ejected from the tour, and will forfeit the tour fee.

As this is a tour designed with the consumption of alcohol in mind, then any person that looks under the age of 25 must supply evidence if asked to verify their age, and the guest/s must at all times adhere to the local, state & federal laws that apply in that given area.

It is the guest's responsibility to carry at all times a valid passport, driver's license or proof of age card.

Any alcohol purchased on the tour must remain in the vehicle and not be consumed or opened outside of a licensed area, which the vehicle is not.

You are responsible for your own behaviour. Any legal action taken against the said person or against Terroir Wine Tours Tasmania because of said guests actions will remain the sole responsibility of that person.

We do not recommend driving after one of our tours. Please organise a designated driver or have other transport options to driving yourself after one of the tours.

A minimum cost of ($250) will apply to any spillage or damage on one of our coaches. TWTT reserves the right to charge your credit card without your authorisation to recover our costs for the said damage.

*Every person that books a tour, event trip or experience with Terroir Wine Tours Tasmania automatically accepts and agrees to these policies.


Booking Policy

Due to the nature of the tours, once payment has been received, then no refund can be offered inside of 48 hours to you as our guest. We can transfer the value to another day or impart the value to a Gift Voucher for use on any of our other tours.

All bookings are assumed to be confirmed 48 hours prior to the booking start time unless contact has been made to organise a transfer of value to another day or a value in the form of a Gift Voucher to use on another tour.

All decisions of the guide or bus driver in matters of payment remain final and at the discretion of the guide or bus driver for that tour.

If you do need to cancel a booking, then please use the automated system outside of 48 hours or contact Damien directly or please advise before 48 hours notice.

*Every person that books a tour or experience with Terroir Wine Tours Tasmania automatically accepts and agrees to these policies.