Tasmanian Wine Tours & Tasmanian Attractions
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Unique Expectations

  • Would you like to go above and beyond the normal and travel at the ultra-premium level of throwing luxury cars and a luxury gourmet tasmanian lunch or dinner into the mix?

  • Do you have a game plan that you want to execute yourself, and we simply need to work logistically and help make it awesome with you?

  • Do you have specific places that you must visit or have people / individuals that you really want to see or taste through with?

  • Do you want to only taste through the icon’s of the Tasmanian viticulture landscape?

Large Dynamic Events/Groups

  • Our partner business Coal River Coaches has a coach fleet that can accommodate up to 250 people transport wise at once with all rated to luxury or deluxe standards. This gives us a unique element in how, where and what we can structure for you to best enjoy your time here in Tasmania.

  • For example a wedding party, bucks event, hens parties and other associated large event dynamics!

  • Are you a conference or event coming to Tasmania that is looking for something unique, dynamic and interesting as a team bonding workshop or experience together? We would love to be a part of and make it come to life!

Wine Clubs & Hospitality Trade

  • With the possibility of larger transport / travel options, we have the ability to work closely with intrastate and international wine clubs to create an in depth and value-added tour of Tasmania that will be sure to impress.

  • For the groups that want a more in-depth understanding of the climatic influences, soil composition, clonal variations, tonneliers used for the barrels, regional styles and something not commonly available to our standard tours, we would be excited to display our knowledge & ideas to help make a fantastic tour / trip with you.