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Tasmanian Unique Creations

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Uniqueness Meaning: (noun) the quality of being the only one of its kind.

Make Your Uniqueness


Make Tasmanian Wine


Have you ever wanted to make your own wine?

Why not come with a local Tasmanian sommelier and local Tasmanian winemaker to do just that!!

Every year we take people on a journey of discovery in Tasmania to find great vineyard material and make some wine from it. 

This is a program that runs over the vintage or from roughly January through to June, so that the group is able to get a full look at making wine and what is entailed in the production stages. 

The things that people will be assisting with would be netting, picking, crushing, plunging, cleaning out the barrels, rack and return and bottling etc. 

At the end of this process, the participants will receive an allocation of the particular wine that they made. This will be unlabeled so that you may have your own label made and put on the bottles, so that you can show friends and family about the wine that ‘YOU’ made. 

There will be 4 main trips out to work in both the vineyard as well as the winery. 

There will also be a big day of picking in the vineyard with a hearty lunch put on at in the vineyard itself. 

So if you have always wanted to look behind the curtain of winemaking and see inside the process, come with us and well will show you how it is down.


Timeframe: January 2019 – June 2019

Amount $: 1,750.00 per person

Amount of People each year: 10 maximum 

Amount of Bottles: 36 BTL (roughly as this will change over the vintage)

Region & Grape Variety:

This year will we will be taking from a location in the Coal River Valley, and the grape variety that we will be working with will be Pinot Noir.


Full payment required to secure a placement


Tasmanian Gin

With the explosion of the gin catorygy over the last 10+ years, suddenly gin is cool again, and not something grandma keeps in the closet.

And with so many different brands and styles and botanicals that are available to use, we wanted to be able to give people the chance to be able to make their 'OWN' style.

That's why we have created this unique event Tasmanian Uniqueness; Gin Creation Program for guest to enjoy here in Tasmania.

  • A gourmet tasmanian lunch will be provided by 7K themselves which will include a selection of local gourmet treats to enjoy

  • Learn 7K's history and personal philosophy behind their gin brand

  • Learn the principles of distilling and production

  • A full tasting of the spirits from 7K Distillery

  • Distill your own gin with your personally selected botanicals 

  • Tea and coffee on arrival

  • Depart the the distillery with a bottle of 7K’s Gin or Amante Spiritus

  • A branded personal 7K Distillery notebook

Amount of People: 4 Minimum - 10 Maximum

Timeframe: Depart 9:00am - Return 5:30pm

Minimum Age Required of be on the Tour: 18+ (with proof required)

Full amount required to confirm booking place

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