Tasmanian Wine Tours
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Premium Tasmanian Wine Tasting $35pp

Eat Local Cheese / Taste 6 Local Wines over Sparkling - White & Red (maybe a cheeky gin too)

5:30pm - 6:30pm Monday Night

The ethos of this premium tasmanian wine tasting is to showcase what Tasmania can produce to a you; the guest of our state. Many of our top wines never leave Tasmania’s shores (95% consumed in Tasmania), and if they do, then they will normally only be accessible in top end restaurants. 

Many Tasmanian wine products are winning awards at a national and international level. Yet a lot of these wines are sold out by the time that these awards are gifted, or are in such small quantities that they will never pass peoples lips. 

But……….. with 15 years of industry experience, and being a local myself, I have curated a select holding of these famous wines, unique examples and great value buys for just this purpose over the last several years. So if you want to enjoy local wines, being led through the wines by a local expert as well as in a local setting at Cool Wine Bottle Shop, then I invite you to come along and see what Tasmanian is being heralded as, the next Grand Cru area of the world. 

Aperitif - Before Dinner - or try before you buy going to dinner BYO maybe.


Local Tasmanian Sommelier


Cool Wine Bottle Shop & Coravin


Tasmanian Sparkling - White & Red Wine

All persons looking under the age of 25 must supply proof of age if asked and are required to carry this on them at all times as part of our Terms & Conditions.

A recent review: This was a high level wine tasting- giving us a good insight to Tassie wines...........very enjoyable, knowledgeable and generous host.